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Florida Birth Certificate issues

Summer of 2000

Subject: Were You Born In Florida?

From: Dr. Becky Allison
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The new informational page I put up on my website giving state-by-state information on changing name and sex on birth certificates (( has been even more successful than I expected. I have been able to get information on all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. It's been a pleasant surprise to find that many states issue a complete new birth certificate, or amend the old one and don't specify just what was amended. A few states amend the old certificate and DO specify what was amended, so you don't have stealth, but you do have the legal protection of female sex designation.

Then there are three states which don't do a darn thing, no amendment or new certificate. They are Tennessee, Idaho, and (inexplicably) Ohio.

Updated June 2002: Florida has changed their policy and now will amend birth certificates. Please use the link above for more information.