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A Support Organization For The Transitioning Transsexual

Meetings for Enchante' are held on the 2nd Friday evening of each month, 8:00 to 10:00 p.m.
Meetings are currently held in Clearwater, FL.

For further information on the meeting location send inquiries to any of the contacts/volunteers listed below.

Robin - the new President for 2001

Current President Of Enchante' - 2001 & 2002

Robin S. of Seminole, FL
(727) 391-8837

I would like to express my most heartfelt thanks to our two most recent retired presidents, Bobbie Y. and Chantel S., for keeping the group going. I hope to do as well, so that our newer members will gain as much as I have.

Thank you to Patty for all the work on the website, and please take the time to vote on her chadless system - so that we may have an idea where to point further meeting topics.

Enchante' Volunteers
Bobbie, so helpful to all.

Past President Of Enchante' - 2000

(813) 977-3031

Bobbie wishes to thank all the members for this opportunity to serve the community throughout year 2000 and has grown in her own abilities as a result. She reminds the members that Enchante' is a support group designed to help one another get through their transitions. Politics, religion, and philosophy should not be discussed or debated. That is not what we are there for and takes away the time we have for honest issues related to Enchante's purpose.

Two sweet girls!

Sandra & Tiffany
(813) 985-3371
Patty Jean
Newsletter Editor/Publisher

If you have information concerning transgender issues, Enchante' and it's metings, or other items of particular interest to us please email this information to the WebMistress or President.

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Enchante' - Located in the Tampa Bay area

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