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February 2001
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At the Meeting:

Dr. Kathleen Farrell spoke to our group giving her background in the medical profession, covering such things as why she chose to come to the Bay area and start her private practice back in 1982. Discussing her involvement in gender groups throughout the years, and her particular interest in helping the gender community as well as being a part of it herself.

We were able to ask her about her opinions on various aspects of the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care, which she follows in her practice. As well as many personal questions posed to her by members concerning their individual situations, which she answered as best she could under the circumstances.

In the personal opinion of the WebMistress/Editor (Patty Jean) I feel that we have another great therapist in the area to help us. She is very knowledgeable in gender issues and has been involved in the local gender community for almost 20 years. Yes, she was even able to tell us some of the history of Enchante' and StarBurst that even us members did not know. With her professional attitude, yet friendly and open personality I see her as someone we could easily talk to and discuss our true feelings.

We had time for our general Q&A and comments between members. After the meeting a new member Danielle discussed the possibility of some of the girls starting an organization/coalition to purchase a large building or complex. Depending on the type of property purchased the actual layouts could differ. But the idea is to have private living quarters or apartments, public areas for meetings, offices to rent out to the TG's living there as well as to therapists, and others who service our community directly. They wish to have extra apartments available for rent to visiting TG's who may or may not be full-time yet and wishing to visit the area and/or are in the process of moving to the area.

The possibilty of an onsite cafe and club, owned and operated by TG's was also discussed. This is a project that Danielle is working on privately and heading up. For those wishing more information please contact Danielle directly at: I thought this endeavor was worth mentioning although it is not officially endorsed or sponsored by Enchante'.

Special Guests: Dr. Kathleen Farrell, Ph.D.

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Coming next month....

I'm sorry, but I will need to get this information from Robin and will post it soon.

See you at the March 2001 meeting!

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