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October 2000
Online version only

Meeting of October 13th:

We have a volunteer to speak on the subject of: "Speaking As A Woman". For most of us m2F's this is about the most difficult aspect of passing in public. It is also the one area medical science cannot work any wonders for us. It boils down to lots of training, practice, and time.

Another subject to be discussed: Resources on the web. As most all of us know, the resources on the internet are vast, and as the internet itself always changing. Let's compare and share our lists of favorite sites. And of course we still share and advise others on our own more private network of professionals who assist us in the local area, when we get together.

Southern Comfort 2000 is coming soon. Find the link on our Links page. As some of our members are directly associated with Southern Comfort it would be great if you could write an article about it and what to expect this year.

Undocumented rumors: the Florida DMV has changed policies concerning the (F)emale designation on licenses. Rumor has it that a new official policy is in place denying us the right to the (F) prior to SRS. Another has said they received a letter telling them they must change back from the (F) they already had, to an (M) once again. If anyone has legal access to official DMV policy and can verify this I know we would all appreciate it. Florida's refusal to change or even amend birth certificates proves this state's stupidity and makes this rumor believable. Let's learn the facts! If this is actually true I have some suggestions on how to pursue a discrimination suit against the state of Florida. And I have ideas how to get the ball rolling fast, and not waiting until a number of us have to deal with a variety of discriminations on our own first.

See you at the meeting!

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