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...the entire transition process and to live on during that time, approximately 2 or more years.  Since that is impossible for most of us to do, we must risk transitioning on the job and the chance that we may lose the job.

A lot of this just depends on your employer.  What type of work you do, whether you work with the public or are tucked away in an office somewhere. 

Other employees can either be a problem or your best

supporters.  Other factors are how you carry and project yourself,  how well you are liked by other employees and management, company policies in place,  your skills and value to the company, and more. 

How do you break the news to your employer?  This will vary in each situation.  But in every case be prepared and be ready to supply information on a number of topics.  The focus should be on gender issues, medical and legal requirements, and be sure to advise them on just what to expect from you in the future. 

You may also want to allay their fears that you will become a sex maniac and attack the other employees and turn the company into a place of wild orgies.  Yes, some employers can imagine anything and come up with some extreme worries.

Put them at ease.  Yes, your appearance may change, as will your name and other things.  But you will continue to be the same person you have always been and perform your work as usual.   You are changing your physical appearance, not getting a brain transplant.

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The online world of the internet has made it much easier to meet others like yourself who are going through the same issues.  There are thousands of websites to be found with a lot of great information. 

Sites full of resource information, personal TS sites with their stories and experiences, and many with transition dia

ries.  The internet is a good place to start.  I am not a fan of AOL, but I have to admit it is a great source for  TS information and they have a Transgender Forum just for us.

In my personal experience I have found that meeting other TS's in person in the local area to be my best resource.  You will never beat

real first-hand experience from a live person. 

Whether through a support group or by frequenting the local gay/lesbian clubs with female impersonator shows you CAN meet others and know you are not alone.  We don't have to feel like social outcasts or be afraid.

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