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Past Newsletters

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August 11th, 2000

We had a welcome visitor to the August meeting. A well known and respected local psychologist who specializes in transgender issues. We hope that she is able to return for our September meeting also.

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July 14th, 2000

Main Topics:...

Flyers will be given out with information about a new support group proposed by a local Dr. Also, another Dr. who works with the transgendered is considering group sessions, and may even come to our August meeting.

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June 2000

Meeting on the 9th (8:00 p.m.):

Main topics... to be announced

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May 2000

Meeting on the 12th (8:00 p.m.):

Main topics...

Notes from the WebMistress... We are receiving inquiries from a number of TS's from the west central Florida area. It appears that we will have some new members joining and participating in our group which is terrific. A big welcome to all newcomers and to those who return each month. In case you didn't already realize it, you are not alone. The number of transexuals in the Tampa Bay area is quite large. But as most begin their transition, or even before as they are considering it, it can be quite difficult to obtain quality information as to how to go about it, and meet others like yourself that may provide friendship, guidance and support.

We are not a pick up place, nor do we try to tell you how you should go about doing things. Instead we share our experiences, knowledge and resources, and try to answer any questions you may have. If you are anything like me you are full of questions, and would like answers. I am like a good little girl scout and believe in being prepared. So I seek out the answers....

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April 2000

Meeting on the 14th:

Brianna shared a wealth of information regarding how she went about getting her name and gender designation changed on numerous government documents. We discussed possible pitfalls and strategies for accomplishing these tasks with the least amount of headaches. Everything from driver's licenses, social security cards, government id's, insurance, titles, and more....

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