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Enchante' Statement of Purpose

It is the purpose of Enchante' Transsexual Support Group to provide a safe, secure setting where those contemplating gender reassignment can gather together to freely express their feelings, and explore ways to achieve lives that are fulfilling and satisfying. Offer support and information to those undergoing gender reassignment, and to their family, friends, employer, or employees.

Provide information and referrals to those seeking to start hormone replacement therapy (HRT); provide support during full time living for those in their real life test (RLT); help those who wish to proceed with surgical sex reassignment (SRS) and have obtained counseling, therapy, and a recommendation from their therapist. Offer support to "new women" or "new men" who are adapting to their new gender roles. Provide a resource center where members of the transgender community, and others, may have access to films, tapes, journals, articles, pamphlets, and books on the subject of gender reassignment which are not widely available; and educate and inform the general public about issues of gender conflict.