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Enchante Rules

1. Support group meetings are informal open groups. You may come dressed as a male or as a female. You may use a male or female name. Anyone experiencing gender-identity issues or their significant others, may participate.

2. Anyone wishing to visit or attend the meetings must receive approval and permission.

3. You may say whatever you choose to say about yourself. You are not required to say anything that would reveal who you are, where you live or work, or anything else that would identify or compromise your family or yourself.

4. You are expected to observe the rule of confidentiality. What happens or is said at the support group meetings stays at the meetings.

5. You are expected to show respect for others and listen attentively. No one will be allowed to become aggressive or abusive with another for anything he or she says.

6. No excessive profanity is permitted.

7. Intoxication, either drug or alcohol consumption will NOT be tolerated.

8. Enchante' support group meetings are not a sexual pick-up place. Sexual advances will not be tolerated.. If you are looking for a sex partner, please look somewhere else.

9. The support group meetings are not therapy nor are they a substitute for therapy. You are advised to speak with your therapist for any psychological problem you may be having.