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Yes, there is such a thing as  a transexual being found in this conservative state of Florida.  In reality Florida has one of the largest populations of trangendered individuals even with the conservative laws, and lack of government or public support.

But there are local support groups to provide information and assist the transgendered community.  One such group is Enchante' based right here in the Tampa Bay area.

What does transgendered mean, or transexual for that matter.  In layman's terms a transgendered person is someone who's gender in their mind does not match the gender of their physical body they were born with.  Medical research has shown that this is not a mental illness, but is caused in most cases during a two-week period during the 4th and 8th week of fetal conception in which massive doses or hormones are trans

Special points of interest:

  • Contact information for local support groups.
  • How to find help.
  • How to find others like yourself.
  • Websites to visit


Scheduled Meetings:

  • Friday, August  11th
  • Friday, September 8th
  • Friday, October 13th
  • Friday, November 10th
  • Friday, December 8th

Enchante' is a group formed, and run totally by transexuals for the purpose of helping others who are or may think they are transgendered.  We can help you find the medical professionals and others who specialize in dealing with transgendered issues. 

If you have tried finding information through government agencies or medical professionals you already know how difficult this can be.  At our monthly meetings we can help you get the information you need, and let you decide on how to proceed.

We accept all transgendered persons whether M2F or F2M.  Issues will vary to some degree, but we all go through some of the same problems.  Inside the newsletter we'll provide contact information.

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