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Upcoming Events & Activities

Now meeting at a new location.

Meeting date/time is now the 2nd Friday of each month from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Past Events

January 2003 - Enchante' Presidential Election (Patty elected)

May 14th, 2001. Transgender Lobby Days - Washington D.C. --- Nat'l Transgender Advocacy Colalition
December 8th, 2000 - selecting a new Enchante' President (Robin S. of Seminole)
July 1st, 2000 - Gay Pride Parade & Festivities

Any member or non-member alike with pertinent information on gender issues and things that affect us, Please email Enchante with the information or article you have written for inclusion in our new Newsletter. She will try her best to see that the newsletter has up to date and valuable content, but any assistance will be greatly appreciated. If you run across or learn about something interesting be sure to send her a quick note about it and she can follow it up.


Names are always withheld unless express permission to use it is given by the respective party.

If you submit information to be used on the Enchante' site your name will not be listed unless you include a statement granting permission to do so. We would like to give credit to the person(s) responsible for providing us with information, but we respect the privacy of all individuals.